As Close as it Comes

Isn’t it enough that I let you see

Isn’t it enough that that I have let you see me bleed

As long as I allow you to share

Isn’t it enough for you to just care

I will not ask you to dwell inside my lifes shell

Nor ask you to share my personal hell

It is mine and mine alone

Perhaps the only thing I possess

The only thing that I own.

Isn’t it enough that I bare my soul

Isn’t it enough that you know I’m not whole

As long as I trust you enough to let you see me

Isn’t that enough for you to let me be me

I can not allow anyone else to live in my shell

Nor allow any to share my personal hell

It is mine and mine alone.

Perhaps its the only thing I possess

That No oneΒ  can lay a claim on

Isn’t it enough that I see your needs

Isn’t it enough that I see your deeds

Isn’t it enough to show you I care

Without crawling in and sharing your lair

One we are

One we will be

It is the only thing we own

Let it be enough that I allow you inside to see

How I decorate my own home

34 thoughts on “As Close as it Comes

      1. Can I repeat, not as much as you are.. πŸ˜‰

        But wait, my narcissistic mind is screaming to delete that.. Before it heads over, I’m hitting send.. πŸ˜›

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    1. It is not so much the sharing it is the fact of living. We are born to the earth as an individual unit and no matter how much we share …….Louis LaMour was an American western writer and storyteller among many other things. An excerpt from one of his books comes to my mind, “we come into this world alone and we leave it alone.” We spend our time here trying to alleviate the lonliness. [mine]

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      1. I believe that we are all interdependent, vital to each other … we are not islands! For example did you make your fishing rod, boat and cap/clothes from scratch? na we rely on each other …
        Loneliness is just a state of mind and we can change those states by changing our attitude – I’m a work in progress. Try it for yourself?


      2. I agree that a large portion of our happiness lies in our ability to interact with others and I receive great joy from it. The physical facts remain that we are sealed and separated from one another genetically. Maternal twins and a very few individuals can share the closeness depicted as “soul mates” successfully and for any extended time ! Still the joy is in the search and therefore we search on. This is only my opinion and I could be wrong ! Thanks for sharing ! ; )


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