Only in my dreams

There is a place in my dreams where I end up sometimes and visit with people who I have known or know or, sometimes, just met. A kind of a shop space where “work” may be done, or projects of ambiguous nature started. [since nothing there ever seems to get finished]. This is a place open to any be they alive or departed or once forgotten.[ A few I have seen who I do not remember having met ! ]

My Dad shows up from time to time and advises me when things do not seem to be working out well. In retrospect it is an amazing thing that he can speak and converse with me. Odd, because before he passed he had no voice, as cancer had taken his larynx. My Mother does not stop by too often and I do not know why, She is welcome whenever she has time to pop in. I suppose she must be too busy singing hymns somewhere [ she really enjoyed that on Earth] to mess with someone on the temporal plane.

I have an old boss who pops in occasionally and though I respect his opinions of the work being done, we generally just talk about other workers proclivities toward the labor and discuss fishing and weather. Brothers and friends yet living stop by and no small number of folks it seems, who have since moved on to more permanent pastures and amazingly lucid [at times much confusing] conversations are had; subjects and conclusions of which had never before been discussed are batted about in ways that had never happened in the real world.

Of course the weather greatly affects the way business is conducted around this garage, especially since the structure is constantly undergoing construction or reconstruction. [ the weather can have ideas of its own] Sometimes damages get fixed or remodels finished but many times an exit is as likely to be a window opening that is never quite the same size or a gap between the roof and the walls may have to suffice when egress or exit is required in a thrice.Stairs and hallways constantly  get repositioned  there!

Transportation comes in all possible and impossible configurations and mutations, and folks do not always appear to be as I had remembered them , but the space is mine, and though I never get to choose when the place will be in use, I am always happy when I awake and realize We had spent time together there !


8 thoughts on “Only in my dreams

  1. Sounds like my Cosmic Improv Group, a gaggle of hallucinations inside my imagination and unheard by others. It lives in the Cosmic Commune, where everything is free and money doesn’t exist. It transcends time and space but contains it all.

    Seriously, I believe it is quite possible to communicate with anyone, living or dead, both in dreams and while awake, by focusing and asking what you want to know. It’s not scientifically provable merely because science hasn’t developed the technology to measure it.

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