We did that?

So life takes a while to live. During that time we take and give, but do we realize we are making a mark on other folks lives? At times surprise over takes us all, so when some one that we never suspected at all; tells us of some event coarse or fair; the things that she remembered, how, when and where : and we know deep inside that we indeed had been there  and we are forced to take the time to think when/where, “Do I care ?,  and the automatic ” I am sorrys'” or “Thank yous'” are dispensed, we have to wonder if we made any sense. Perhaps we do not realize, how much we impact others folks lives.


4 thoughts on “We did that?

  1. You never know what others take away from an encounter. Also, my memory changes over time, as temporal distance changes my perspective. It expands way beyond the automatic answers.

    I tend to forget so much, but emotionally significant events remain with me, coloring newer events with an emotional prejudice, either positive or negative. Fear of my anger breaking things, like electronic equipment, because it seems to have happened so many times, for instance. Therefore, I’m super careful not to let anything upset me too much while driving.

    My sister and I grew up in the same household, but you wouldn’t know it if you listened to us talking about the past. It’s like we lived in two different worlds.

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