Shh !

Folks are fine to have around I suppose,

but I have no use for them while I compose

I have no need for thoughtless questions

No Patience with the small talk or nuzzlin

Only need my keyboard and me and my imagination.

Nothing at all to break the flow

The stream brooks no accompaniment

The gentle rhythym of the keys is really all I want or need

The dream like state and the thoughts all ready to go

So please just leave me completely alone

When you see me trying to compose


3 thoughts on “Shh !

  1. Sure thing.. Definitely no need of any intruders between me and my thoughts too, unless they are going in the opposite direction of what I intended to write and I’m composing the crappiest post for my blog.. 😉

    And I hope this notification isn’t disturbing you.. 😉 😛

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