31 thoughts on “Have you ever 13

  1. Yeah, in my dreams 🙂
    Only it was not by choice and without wings.
    My landing was the worst, always on some mountain, tree or in the river. Then I would wake up still figuring how to come down. And the fear of drowning….. beyond words.

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  2. I’ve had many flying dreams over the years. Most recent was a few months ago, when I was bouncing like a beach ball up in down in my bed. It was exhilarating. I felt so light and free.

    Another time I was a few feet off the ground, dancing on air. Someone asked me how I did it. I said, It’s easy. You just go with the wind.

    In real time, our neighbors, sister and I used to jump of the roof of our playhouse onto piles of Spanish moss. We were probably in elementary school.

    Libby Belle

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    1. the front porch, the dog house, a few trees and the front porch roof, with towels, sheets, boards and pillow cases to help break the fall and never worked but broke no bones and generally hurt nothing but my pride ! BTW Why can a person not pick himself up in a basket ? ; )

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      1. If I remember correctly, some sofas were not really too soft ! Do not forget that gliding and softfalling count toward flying, too ! IE Any cloth parachute type of thing, including but not limited to towels, sheets, and bed spreads; or rigid wings like boards or sheets of plywood could count toward flight training attempts ! Starting points of course, could vary ! ; )

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