Where is the justice?

so my truck broke down

then my boat broke down

not much to most , i see

I make my money with both of these

so I fixed the truck

Fixed the boat

but the lake has flooded

and come way up

and now it is headed way back down

the truck broke down

so IΒ  fixed the truck

But again the boat broke down

and I am out of luck

what am I to do

jump into the middle

of self pity stew

and choke myself

in a righteous brew

but it seems that option

is not mine

like trying to drown

in a sea of lifelines

Thank God For giving me the ability to have and acknowledge friends !



8 thoughts on “Where is the justice?

  1. OH NO! I’m sorry I was so busy that I didn’t see this. I would have sent tons of love and encouragement. I only can say I’m sorry you had to go through that. Hope all is better now!

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  2. I was feeling down reading the lines.. But the last line, just lighted up a smile.. πŸ™‚

    Is it too much for me to say, This too shall pass..?
    Just take it as a small act of care for you.. πŸ™‚

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    1. My blog does a few things for me Chris. It allows me the opportunity to shine, to whine, and otherwise be a person with an open mind, who knows that he has something to say to anyone with an ear to listen and the patience to hear. I also can indulge myself in life styles that I can realistically only imagine living; delve into landscapes that I will physically never see, and vicariously live the lives of authors, photographers , painters and dreamers, philosophers, doctors and poets who dream of nothing but the unused love in the world, and how sad it is that it might be going to waste. If I leave a bit of me on the table and someone spies it lying there, I will immediately smile and possibly shed a tear in honor of the human race for caring ! So, yeah, things can get tough at times, but it is just another thing. Thanks for caring, Chris ! ; )

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