Have you ever 10

Bitten off more than you could chew ?  Literally or figuratively, literally being the most awkward.


12 thoughts on “Have you ever 10

      1. I do apologise if I made you uncomfortable in our latest reparte, but I had a need for wordplay and you were the fittest,[ and the best liked], adversary to be had ! Thanks, Little sister for the patience and daring to play ! ; ) You do know that I am not referring to this post. aye !?

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      2. No need to apologies as no harm done so far.. 😉 And the wordplay is voluntary and I like to spar with you bro!! 😀
        And aye aye captain.. I am getting used to your sarcasms, words and their intentions.. 😉 (Though there is lot more to be fathomed.. 😛 )

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