Just a thought

Another New Year has dropped its weighty expectations on the world.

Expecting the population to come to grips with the pessimism  running rampant through the world, while it is magnified and distorted through the media , is a crime to the human race ! Most of us would not dream of hating and killing if there weren’t selfish forces striving to maintain control and sovereignty over the common folk, when the only obvious motive { to me } is the accumulation of power and money to have in pocket, and thus the backing to attain and maintain control over those who are meant to be free beings.

Sorry folks, I do not wish to seem bitter, I simply am at this moment. This to, shall pass !   Happy New Year !

3 thoughts on “Just a thought

  1. William, we (I mean me and my family) are of the same opinion as you. Hating and killing are not on our agenda, yet these thoughts are sent to us continuously through the media. I truly believe that most of the world’s popullation wants to live in peace and harmony with its neighbours. Control over the free is a scary idea, and i would hope we can all rise to prevent this from happening, If we don’t, we’re going ever backward to medieval times.

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  2. Turn off the TV. You’ll feel better. It’s amazing that this vibe-suck medium has the whole world in its greedy clutches. When you withdraw your energy from it, you begin to appreciate life in multiple dimensions again, or at least I do. The TV world begins to look like to a surreal nightmare. It reminds me that imagined problems and worry generate the same bodily stress hormones that actual danger does. Watching all the bad news and events or worrying about things you can do nothing about confuses the body, because the stress hormones have no outlet, except to eat away at your own body.

    Sometimes the most uplifting thing you can do is to say, “There, there.”

    That being said, Happy New Year to you, too.

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  3. The world is too vast to have at least one person support your thoughts..
    The world is too small to bring those persons together.. 😉
    What has to pass will eventually pass!! And let what lingers behind is at the very least bitter sweet.. 🙂

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