I am floating in water so calm the lack of current leaves me sitting still and drives me nowhere. Even treading to hold my head above results in almost nothing doing  and the settling leads to stagnation of the surroundings. A small move forward and a little move back leaves no mark to trace in this calmest of seas. No destination, no point to steer, indicates the laziness or fear of moving forward. Stagnation occurs when oxygen and life is not pumped into the environment, so if I do not dare do something, there will soon be none to welcome me ; all others will have passed. I gotta try to move before its too late, else living in the past will be my fate.

8 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. You definitely need something to get you moving, by the sounds of it. Sitting in that water, stagnating won’t get you anywhere. Have a cup of coffee and get out for a nice long walk, or go and visit someone who can make you feel good. We stayed in a rented holiday house once, and on a picture on the wall was a jokey little rhyme that ended, ‘My get up and go just got up and went. ‘ I think you need to get out there and fetch yours back, William.

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