I should have napped instead

On a peaceful evening, with no distractions to tamper with me

I took a little journey, reminiscing if you would, but sightseeing for me.

My past is my own and no other person, no matter how close they might be, has the exact same one to peruse and to see.

Drawn on the side of a parabolic barrel my angle, or paradigm if you will, allows only me to see what I had known, and any with me during that time could not see nor remember precisely as things were to me.

Flowing through without touching, cause no honest changes will it bear, but memorizing what is set in stone; the only good the past can do is to serve as a curb and aid in keeping your feet so that the eyes remain looking forward.

For myself, I say this journey is comforting at the least.  I look and see what I have survived, and therefore I can better guess what I might survive in the future.

The past teaches and knowing that, I can avoid my mistakes of then , if I choose. I might change all my ideas and ideals and take a new path, or I might just try to tweak the present and get closer to what my future might be as seen from the vantage of the past.

Truly not a journey for the weak I deem !   Come along and bring your own,and at the least we can keep one another company !


6 thoughts on “I should have napped instead

  1. Charming. We are never old in spirit, if we choose to see it that way. The past enriches the present. That beautiful diversity of experience and perspective is what makes humanity worth saving, along with the animals and plants and other planetary inhabitants.

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