I really COULD care fewer,{ or less}

Amount v Quantity   Lesser v Fewer

May we talk, you and I, for just a moment ?  Shouldn’t there be a RULE or something, that differentiates what word we use when speaking of quantities of anything ?

I have less patience today than I did yesterday. A not easily measured amount of patience had I anyway, but I know I have less of it today than yesterday. I do not have fewer patience , just less of it.  I also possess fewer dollars today than yesterday . Yes, that means I have less money but not less dollars. I can count my money in terms of dollars, [ or pesos, or yuan or whatever] and set a number on it. So I can have less money, but not less dollars. I can have fewer dollars and less sense and do ! ; but then I digress .

Could we not agree to use fewer’ lesses ‘in our life and a few more ‘fewers ‘please?  So, to agree, “if we can put a number on it, or them, let us use fewer, and if the quantity is more general , as in space, let us use less, okay ?

Thanks for the help, if I had fewer responses I could have gotten by with less of it . Good day !


5 thoughts on “I really COULD care fewer,{ or less}

      1. The phrasing was picked up by folks who never learned the rules of proper speaking and /or writing before breaking them in public ! Sigh…” just a sign of the times”, as my grandmother was wont to say !

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