To the really lost

Long it has been since I have found sooth in my writing. Tormented thoughts of a tormented world wrap themselves around my mind and threaten to  stifle the soul ; to annihilate the gracious moods of the season of peace. It could be that the perpetrators of violent, malicious acts intend that the vile results of their reprehensible actions ,indeed , take away from humanity the peace and love inherent and deserved in this storied and historic season.

There now, having said it out loud, then echoed it back so that I might receive the full meaning of these sorrowful words, I refuse now to allow the agents of despair to overwhelm my sense of what is truly right and righteous !  Murder will bring doom to the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity , and the humans left will disavow these so called “martyrs”, leaving them with nothing but the bilious stew kept so rancidly fresh in those tiny minds, and may the laws and Gods and the people so majorly fair, mirror back these ruinous actions to the few who so rightfully deserve them !

To the EVIL of the world who prey so eloquently on the unsuspecting and blissful majority, I would like to wish a very merry Christmas to all of you Mother Fuc….S !

Thank you . I feel a bit better now.


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