Thanks for Giving

While the yawns are passed around the room and the desserts get placed in the fridge to cool,  when the day begins bowing to the night and the closet coughs out wraps against the shiver and out in the drive exhaust plumes signal weary friends and family to come hither;  after every person acknowledges the fortunate few who need not travel, to homes distant in the evening dew ,  and thank yous and I love yous reign in the dusk, then the time arrives when the host must, have his say and ask blessings for all at the end of this glorious day!


5 thoughts on “Thanks for Giving

    1. It was a good day all in all , Izza . All the last couple of days I worried needlessly that the lake would flood because we had constant rain for two days . It did not though and I get to stay warm and dry today, so things are much better than I had imagined they would be, thank you ! : )


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