The credit of an education does not lie within the walls of a specific institution, rather it lies within the mind of the pupil ! Just as learning to drive does not require a Ferrari, and learning to read does not demand a computer, learning to learn requires only an individual with the desire to do so !  Take advantage of what is offered !


13 thoughts on “Education

  1. In fact we are so blessed with many opportunities to explore the world of education.If we are not realizing it, it’s our own mistake. And it is the passion within us which drives us towards learning. As you rightly pointed out, the credit of education lies within the mind of pupil.

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  2. Excellent point, William. I see this so often that people feel the need to have the ‘thing’ to learn…the computer, or the special lens, or the special class. Most times they don’t really know how to use the special thing when they get it.

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