Strange Bedfellows !

How many times have you been to a barbeque

And seen the men drinking beer by the pit and the women

gathered to themselves, remarking to one another

Of the silly mindless things  their husbands do expound?

How often when, at a family meal do the females bounce up and powder their noses and thusly go together and leave the table unattended? Do not men tend to gather and watch violent sports only to reminesce of the time .. { That was not bad, but I was better when… }

Like the deer in the herds and the wolves in the pack; like the sheep in the herds, and the teachers with words; Biology tricks the brain and causes pain because the sexes fail equality.

About the system there is nothing wrong, And nothing is amiss in the quality, except that the failure to acknowledge the difference, equals a subliminal lack of intelligence. Male or female who not recognize their strengths can [ and do ] make more of this difference ; ultimately to the demise of the relationship.

I am not singing a song of equal rights, but I guarantee I would try to be sure that I am Catholic before I decided to become a nun; And I WILL know that I have a prostate before I submit to the test. !

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