Roses and weeds !

The rose in itself became the object of ,in all who beheld it, dreams, and for those who had not seen but heard , the flower became a part of their wonderment. So glorious to behold, with blossoms so thick the mind compared it to a luxurious carpet so soft to see and touch, yet noble enough to stand on its own. The stem, so graceful and green yet hardy enough to support the weight of this eighth wonder of the world, emerged from soil so rocky , so weak in nutrients, that botanists declared it a miracle species, and theologists swore it to be a miracle formed above, designed to bring the people of the earth together that they could admire the splendid grace and thus find human commonality in this faraway desolate place.

Time passed on and attempts were made to duplicate this “rosa superior grand” but nought but failure followed the careful cuttings and clonings and fertilizings endeavored upon this all encompassing ideal. Time is time and different for all, so when the greenery of a shoot materialised so near to the stem in this desolate soil, near panic ensued among the appointed caretakers  who, bewildered from fear of losing their idol, gathered with experts from the botanical fields; they hobnobbed with priests and thespians, yea sought feelings and thoughts from any who may, decide whether obnoxious weed or indeed  duplicate saviour grew there.

Twas decided finally, to take the chance at last , so the sprout was allowed to grow. Lo and behold the signs of impending greatness flowered before the eyes of a desperate world, so conferences were held , a garden selected, preparations were made for expected attendance, and with tremendous fanfare, the roots soon laid in freshly laid stone, all ph balanced, so much like home , verduous limbs and wonderful petals quickly encompassed that blessed bed. And the world, at peace, celebrated ! With the knowledge accrued, and the patience required, plans were laid, and flower beds started in anticipation of this roses’ next phase.

So over the years and decades that passed, the allure and the elegance of the elite rosa spread over all lands and so holy was its being, that to defile or harm it was simply beyond thinking! In manicured cropland , on svelte fairways green, in greenways verdant, along freeways and fence, in pots made for flowers, on dirty carpets, down alley ways, byways, thruways, and paths, one could not miss the glorious beauty of this tremendous plant . Eventually it came to pass, after the contests of yore, where judgements were passed praising expert growers of this ignominous flower, that this world wide treasure was seen as merely a weed ; the bane of farmers and gardeners alike, the cause of starvation for many folks so the peoples, divided, were forced to decide how to survive the menace society had brought on themselves. Some wished to poison, some wished to burn, some wished this maladies’ face had never turned. The humans lived on, though society cracked and  ,” rosa superior grand” was eventually stopped in its tracks !!   Except one that grew in desolation, in a rocky soil deemed unable to support such a wondrous plant!


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