A man becomes a shadow when the certainty of credos fade. When confidence in the man fades because he allowed circumstances to overshadow his well meant intentions, he becomes a shadow. When folks who admired the man cannot follow because the attention given lacked, a shadow overtakes his soul. No matter the intentions proferred, no matter the reason behind the direction swerved, no matter the reasoning behind the curve, a man is to be taken at his word, and when the word fails him, because of the lack of action taken, He is merely a shadow of. His former self!


8 thoughts on “Shadow

  1. Profound thought.
    I would like to add that without the sunlight shining on our body , we cannot see our shadow. It always varies in size as well. But, it is always there.
    It is the things I have left behind that I tend to call my former self. My SELF is in constant movement, constant thought, constant life.
    My thoughts do not always speak the truth to me. They cast a shadow on my true self. I am still here though. My heart still works.
    And I am human. How wrong it would be if I thought myself to be anything other than that.
    Bless you.

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