Long time coming!

Lurking within the conflagration, the misery of man began the preparations,

For the time seemed right for societies fall; total anararchy was the goal.

The world divided fed the demons desire to destroy mankind and all the good he

had wrought, and replace freedoms for which so many had fought

With fascism and anarchy so to squash peoples dreams

Of freedom to choose how, when and where to live and prosper and raise families.

many factions already existed that the devil could use

So with confidence, and boldness the evil unleashed

The weapons of war it possessed. Whispering lies and words of deceit,the propaganda machine was the perfect weapon

To achieve the goals through manipulation of mans greatest weaknesses

Greed and pride, desire and avarice, all human conditions , easy to manipulate,

hatred and prejudice fanned the flames and the monster felt sure he was winning this war

Till a passionate crew of thinkers and writers came up with a plan,

The machine being employed to wreak destruction,

Could save the world, by the learned’s deductions, By utilizing the power

Of progressive thought, to change the programming of the wicked control


And use it against the owners original intention.

And so soon the changes came to pass , and education kicked evil in the ass!

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