For Rent!

Digging deep into the vaults of my mind today, I found there was not too much to find!

It seems my memory is set up in the same way as my retirement account; in kind!

I checked into cognitive processes

And found out that is a skill set I no longer possesses!

Diving deep for instinctual behavior

Brought nothing to light even I could savor!

Just when I was thinking there was nothing left to share,

My training kicked in,(you know,automatic responses drilled into ones head and require no thought)

So I jumped on my ‘dozer and leveled my brain, then I paved right over the same,

And turned the space between my ears into a parking lot that I can rent out for years!

(Anybody need storage for old memories, thoughts or fears) ?

(Grandmas advice, old love affairs,the time the scout leader…)

(Bike wrecks, car wrecks, old drug trips that left you a wreck)

passions, fashions, C-rations, clothes-old fashioned ) Guaranteed safe, you keep the keys!

Just remind me what you left.

Not responsible for illness, accidents or spoilage.

Adults only! No bored games, Please!

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