People and stones

As the water clearly flows over the pebbles feet below, Noticeable it is that the shimmering reflections of the surface denying purity of access to the individual stones. Curiosity provokes an attempt to clear away the obstruction by waving a hand over the glimmering surface; that only creates more disturbance. Agitation creeps up slowly, as does the desire to clearly see those objects on the bottom. And the sudden misstep and tripping of a toe,causes the splashing of the water, with the quandary now easy to fix. To clearly see what is beyond the veil cast across your eyes; you must affix yourself to the object of choice and view with the sight that is given to those in a set position, or you will never receive the the proper perspection! Β True for people and stones!


12 thoughts on “People and stones

  1. interesting stuff, not sure about the word ”perspection” in the penultimate line though… had to look it up and the urbandictionary says ”when a drunk guy at a bar tries to say perspective and perception at the same time.” – thought that was hilarious πŸ™‚

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