Words we might do without?

A friend of mine recently challenged me to make a list of my least favorite words. As she amuses me and seems to hold a degree of respect as to my thoughts, I will attempt this thing, though all words have some reason for being.   Any negative word should be given close scrutinization! Can’t, won’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, are all based on a particular circumstance or time, because at a given time or place we would all do whatever we can’t, won’t, couldn’t or shouldn’t, if our lives or loved ones lives depended on it! [Or to merely make a profit!] Therefore hate, polarization, prejudice, and nobody, should all be dealt with with the same discriminization as the aforementioned words. Any subject, no matter how distasteful or, even pleasant ,should not attempt to design rigid parameters in ones speech, therefore committing one to a position that he or she may not hold given a different time or point of view. [kind of like tattoos] To address a strong viewpoint and make sense for longer than the time it took to write them, words should be chosen and shaped with adverbs and adjectives that supports the writers, or speakers, point of view, and the timely acknowledgement of said paradigm [ I really dislike that word] without locking he or she into a rigid position from which he or she cannot escape contradiction; if he or she decided to indeed escape. Promise! Better; I promise to try! How convoluted our lives become when a true promise is no longer feasible to maintain and life becomes a ridiculous parody consisting of working around the edges of said “promise” so that we might help disarm a truly negative outcome! ie Nancy is dating Eric but we know he is supposedly dating Sue! I could go on and on, but I hate this subject and believe it will amount to nothing, so I simply can’t write a damn thing else about it! I PROMISE ! Thanks forever, FRIEND!  😉


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