And the words flow over the tongue becoming one with the words of other poets, singing songs of life,or death, or love, even hate to anyone who cares to read the lines of soothe,that the talented thinkers of life expound upon in an attempt to give words, thus life,beyond what normally would be quiet and bland to show the world the possibilities lying before it,using anger and love, humor and gloom; whatever it takes to garner attention and then debate from others who may or not agree thereby stimulating and forcing the readers to use their sensibilities to see without pretentiousness or avarice the gifts of insight into the sciences and society, as a man or woman should plainly see,a gift freely given for all to enjoy!


20 thoughts on “poet

  1. Hi Will ❤
    Finally catching up with all the blogging posts I've missed here, boy did I miss reading you words ❤
    You're a genius, no kidding. The edge brutality and honesty that comes with it is absolute love
    Much love

    Liked by 1 person

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