Look in the mirror!

Paint a picture in a magic mirror. Any who peer into the magic glass, see so clearly the thoughts in your mind, the simplest way to have your say. And some souls get it but some look past and cannot believe in the looking glass. Statements, hints, desires remain locked inside a clouded mind; blocked from vision by dreams that will not come to pass. Just state, hey look , This picture in the glass is painted just for you! The smile creases across the face but the mind tucks it away just as childs play , It must be entertainment again. Come on now look and read and please remember the times before; the things did not work then and do not now. Look and please give me an honorable way out while friendship remains,or the mess in the mirror gets splashed onto everyones plate! Please?


4 thoughts on “Look in the mirror!

  1. The one thing I totally dint understand is, why is the painting on the magic mirror is a mess? ?

    It just looks fabulous with all the colors and chaos.. So why not let that be a wonder to share for the world? ?

    // Maybe I dint understand this post as it is meant to be understood.. -_- //

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