Nothin’ but whim!

Trivial occurrences happen through the day, they do not seem important until by the end of the tour, with a quick look back, suddenly the significance of the myriad happenings seem to gain an almost mystical quality. How was it that the clerk in the store remembered you just when you were remembering him from a far different place than where we were then. how does it happen when penning a friend , the thoughts you wanted to share were already shared? How does it happen when driving onehundredten that the officer stopping you was an old girlfriend, who recognized you immediately and offered a smile then thanked you for adding some excitement to her day. She sends you out along your way, with a hug and a phone number lest you cross this way again; and not believing what had just occurred, you realize that perhaps this may be your night to get away with anything you might imagine. So you head for the club across town, the one where the bouncer had always turned you away,and you walk right up with a swagger and say” Hey man, you best let me in, today is my day, and I will slip you a ten if you will look away for a minute, and he takes your cash, then with a smile on your face, you walk right on in and ready to party, and the entrance is grand, but somehow a bit daunting,when you realize you have bribed your way into a public restroom!


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