Having Paid The Debt

Recently I was introduced to a neighbors son, Who had been recently released from prison ,for , from what I was told , was a “victimless” crime. Now, I believe, since I have set the stage, I can offer the young man some useful advice. Sir, when you speak to me of the unavailability of work for the exconvict, Please refrain, when you try to explain why the manager at burgers are us, will not hire you to work in the public, Please do not use any word that begins with an F. That mother-ucker could not care less that I have paid my -ucking time to society! He -ucking belittled me and and asked if I could calm down. -uck that little mother -ucker! I was eating -ucking hamburgers before his -ucking father met his -ucking mother. Mother -ucker! Hey , man could you give me a -ucking ride, -ucking downtown tomorrow? I have another -ucking job interview.Β  Thanks , mother -ucker!


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