5 min 30 sec Desire 117 words

From chrisnelson challenge…… Desire……… Desire is the opposite of loathsome, we know this to be a nearly undisputed fact. I would challenge all whos mind works on an even keel to expain how much of either it takes to make a relationship work. Noone I know desires a perfect partner, for the pressure to match would be far to great to sustain for any substantial time, Likewise to great  a cup full of loathe would override any desire left to feel. I can say without a doubt that a fifty fifty split is not the correct formula for myself, so it seems that the perfect relationship is a match between two entities with varying needs of either!                                                                                               Thank you Chris for the challenge, and I am sorry I did not follow the rules implicity. I will swear and vow on my departed Mothers name that my timing and no. of words are accurate.   For any one else who might wish to try this challenge The word I wish for you to use is  “philander”


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