I miss the few years I was so privileged to spend in a formal learning atmosphere. That consumption of knowledge energized my soul like nothing else could  have or has done to complete my sense of some sort of worth. No, I never became an “expert” in any particular train of thought, but I found the chance to realize that all sectors of information, from Mathematics, to history, to the study of languages,ie communications, to the medical fields to the miniscule and the enormity of our universe, all work together to create a sense of oneness. And also it is nice to drink slowly from the cup of wealth that mankind has accrued through many years of guessing, trial and error, “scientific reasoning”, cause and effect, and history to fill my minds belly with the best sustenance available ever in the time of our lives. And to all the folks who read, write and think, while taking the time to at least consider other thinkers ideas, Bless you all and thank you again for challenging my own thoughts!  😀 to all folks!

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