Swerve Warning

Moved to the precipictial edge the being within rose, to the height of monstrosity,and nearly flew from the ledge of repose. A silly thing, a simpletons verbal swing, nearly set off a disaster . But the strength of five men ,retained from within for just such an event, managed control ‘fore the beast could unleash the fury, normally reserved for those of the criminal swerve. So close it seemed that the creatures emergence and violent perseverance would make up the midday news, that chemical warfare was used, and calmed down the tyrant who lives deep inside us, and so the danger warning has expired. For now.


15 thoughts on “Swerve Warning

      1. Here the weather gets better off & on but still it makes me cranky :/ WISH ME LUCK! Hope to see you more here pleasee *puppy face* 😛

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