It has been a month now since we have not had the care of the resort. I still have my dock service to tend, and friends in the area, so on occasion there is opportunity to see how the twin-faced owners are dealing with such a simple task as keeping things going. I know that it belittles my image to say that I enjoy their little hardships and confusions, but somehow I feel really,really good when I see the failures, things that could have been averted had we still been there.  I miss the guests, many of whom are now personal friends, and often wish to be there for them, but My personal health was becoming an issue in the negative environment They [owners] had created, so I know it is best to leave well enough alone,and get on with life. A good thing it is that our old home in town we kept,and did not rent out, for it cost relatively little money to make our forty mile move. The thirtyfive by ninety foot lot is shaping up splendidly as six acres of hillside was my chore before, and there is really a huge gap in our daily routine, giving plenty of time to tend the homestead. Some have passed in the neighborhood, but many are still here, and the friendships developed over the years still thrive. The few “new” residents, [Those living here two to four years but never having met us] are fine and friendly folk, so this is a comfortable place to be, for now at least. I suppose the point of this little story would be…..Take care of yourself and you will be better able to care for others.  😉  Have a good day!


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