Awards are like rain…………..

Awards are like rain; they seem to fall when you need them most. That makes sense because the longer one lasts without rain, one then needs it more than ever! Writer girl191 has nominated me for The Creative Blogger Award. I think that she nominated me because she read the one good post I have written all year and wants to witness the wreck! Seriously, having read a few of her posts, she is a literate and imaginative person from whom I am delighted to accept a nomination for anything! Now for the RULES! Five random facts about me that I would like to publicly display for everyone to read! Okay! No.1 I do not like arbitrary rules. No.2 I do like sincere questions. No.3 I write because I delight entertaining people despite having to write with no light! [I live in a cave with only one outlet, you see]No.4 Nowhere else have I found Talented, Literate people who appreciate the value of others opinions than here on W.P. No.5 I cannot find the tab bar on my key board!  [Did I mention that I like to set small fires with a magnifying glass?]  As for nominating poets and painters and such for an award, I find this difficult, for there are so many deserving. Petite Poetry, Naima, Aadhirai, John Hauge, Chris Nelson 61, Izza Ifzaal, E.I. Wong, F.G.M., Kritika Vaschist, Barrira, The Reformed Flake, Olufunke Kolapo.  So much talent and they have all inspired me. Thank you!


12 thoughts on “Awards are like rain…………..

  1. ”one good post I have written all year” you won’t get a sympathy vote from me and I totally disagree… you’re a real genie and we’ve enjoyed many many of your good works sir! Good luck King, you should win! You deserve it!

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  2. Congrats will!

    Were you jesting about living in a cave or is it true ?
    So many questions popping in my mind :p but than kyou for considering me as well 😀

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      1. I would have agreed to that 😛 Mountain top sounds dreamy 😛 have you ever tried btw ? 😛


  3. OMG.. Another award to me.. 🙂

    Thanks for considering me creative Will.. It really means a lot to me, coming from you.. 🙂

    Alas, I forgot, Congrats on receiving the much deserved award there.. 😉 🙂


      1. See that’s where your creativity is at its best.. 😉 I’m glad with new names from you.. 🙂

        Oops.. I dint give you any name.. It’s not fair.. Wait till I get my adjective list updated.. 😉

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