New Sight

The dark gray clouds floating across my restless mind, wrote doom my speculation found, Doom for the Ideas to ever flow, through the conduits of a dusty brain.Punching keys bring relief, pushing recalcitrant words across an empty screen,Till imagination fueled the flow, and cool clean rain dropped from the stormy sky of conciousness, and washed the dust into rivulets, draining away the blockages of walls built to hide,the feelings trapped and hidden and kept inside. Rivulets feed streams bounding through ego and selfishness, leaving cleaner ,purer thought behind the flood that settled into the cesspool of subconciousness. Dark, gray clouds thinned: wisps lingered, then blew away, My soul arose to meet the blinding light of truth, without dreary memories and credos based on ancient ways, not bricking and damning of the the free running stream of lucidity that I embraced, and fully encompassed with fresh cognizance of where I had nearly allowed my self to stay, holding onto a dreary, nasty, cloudy, gray day.!


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