Like I would Know!

What if while grasping at straws a solid log you felt? What if the floatation it gave saved you from drowning in self, pity I suppose drives many to swim in waters where they may never have been. If your ship is not steady though I suppose, might encourage even the captain to take a dip into the unknown depths of relationships. But when the boat is sinking is it not wise, some times, to seek another vessel that floats high and dry? When is the time to abandon a leaky ship; after setting sail, or before embarking from the slip? The stories all tell that the captain must leave the ship last, but what if his mate is a fatalist?


13 thoughts on “Like I would Know!

  1. Going with options, a miracle might happen and make you feel accomplished for just not abandoning yet… The shores might be nearby.. And no need for anyone abandoning anything..

    Hope all is well soon.. šŸ™‚

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  2. You can trust a boat to take you somewhere if you go with the flow, but not in a case when there is a leak in your boat, because there is a chance that it might hinder the flow and the person would blame the captain for not realizing this fact.
    Isn’t fate like flow? You are going with it, not knowing where you are going or how this will end. Fate and flow, in my opinion, works when you are whole and ready to take chances (risks to some). When the sailor is aware that he wants to come live out of the situation, he would abandon the leaky sail, thus, saving his partner and himself and after reaching the shore, can decide to flow like fate.

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      1. I am talking practical. If my boat has a leak, which can cost my life and life of someone travelling with me, I’d jump off the boat and swim to shore. Second step, I’ll at least have a life and time to think about it!
        Your brain is an over thinking machine at times.

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