de-illusional !

Illusions of life bring smiles and bright eyes, roses and daisies to delight the nose, birds and musicians into discerning ears, life and laughter into ones soul, and the taste of honey and wine to the tip of the tongue. Delusions carry deceptions of life to the senses and create unnecessary strife for the folk who must endure it. The reality of life remains a choice twixt the two, and while nothing is perfect, a lot of lifes experiences depend on how you perceive the two!


11 thoughts on “de-illusional !

  1. God gracias :p
    An apt title with apt narrated words! !!☺☺
    Again it depends on the minds of people filled with filth &purity! ! Deciding what they really want is a test in itself! ! 😎😎😎

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