A bit of nature

A smile I was to have written today for a very special friend, but the day went awry; for a while it seemed, this day would never end! Finally a nook I found, quiet and hopefully sound, and thought maybe the killdeer I had seen could erase away my frown! The mother bird[perhaps the father]was scurrying all around, dragging its wings and basically seemed, that she was beginning to flounder. Then it was the half-sized birds appeared, scurrying hither and yon. Momma or daddy, whichever it was, had a fit trying to rescue them from me,while I sat in my car sitting still as can be, and the chicks scattered haphazardly trying to escape their death you see, when all that was needed was a quiet retreat, and then teach the young not to play in the street!


8 thoughts on “A bit of nature

  1. What I deduced is that wherever you’re not wanted ,just scoot from there ?
    Am i right ? or is has diff perceptive ?


      1. Will listen! for a very special friend ?
        I hope I can get the name of that special friend ?Please πŸ˜›


      2. Reallllyyy! God! I thought you were jesting πŸ˜›
        I am feeling on the top of the world (I exaggerate a bit #deal:P )
        Thanks Will! ❀

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