Life can be simple

A kind hearted person once asked of me “what is your favorite thing?” Kind of funny it seemed because I could not immediately come up with an answer. To myself I thought, ” Well I like my old truck with the four wheel drive, and I love the old pistol that I had aquired, and it is nice to know that the old house is paid for and mine; the dock running boat floats and is running well, my friends and family seem to be swell; so what in the world could be my favorite possession be? It took quite awhile before I could see, that my favorite thing that was given to me, was simply my life to explore and enjoy while I dwell on this earth, and the knowledge I had earned since my mother gave birth.


19 thoughts on “Life can be simple

  1. I seriously doubt that you started acquiring knowledge only since you are born… šŸ˜‰

    You seem to be too profound and go deep… at times, I start wondering how many centuries of my life should I cross to reach there.. šŸ˜‰

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    1. I looked up the meaning of “couple of days” in the dictionary, and it clearly didn’t say “5-6 days a week”. Hmmm. Perhaps, Americans have a different meaning for it, or different maths.
      I don’t want to be worried, but I hope you are doing great.

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