Grow Up, Please

Disturbed is the word I use when the world expresses to me, that the sum of ones life amounts to the trophies one holds while avoiding negative press in order to  justify life. Trophy wives, and now trophy husbands as women are winning their battles, [not soon enough for some] and the money pours in but the substance still matters, and the substance they divine to portray the illusion of them is only pulled from the closet when a VIP needs to be impressed by material things we see! So show off the mansion, show off the cars, give rides in your limousine. Take them on a cruise in order to prove that you have the means and do not really need the connection, till the illusion fills the gap and they fall in your trap and you have achieved the collusion necessary to meet the goal you have set for yourself. Please do not use the children in your life, as if they were just an extension of you! Take some pride in yourself and gain your wealth without using the little yous!


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