Just Thinking

Are there any original thoughts left? I have heard debate on the subject of jokes and the prosecution says, ” all the jokes in the world have been told, just worded differently.” If that supposition is true then why do I laugh when one is told well? If Jokes are the mold that is followed as logic, then what I imagined would most likely be true. That being said I think I would dread a visit to a comedy store. But listen I do and laugh heartily too, when the story is righteously told. Does that quirk mean I am as dumb as I seem, for not remembering the punch line till it was delivered? Or can it be that the teller was better than the first time I had heard it? Given this analogy, I have come to the conclusion that this brain I am using, is good enough to see, that even if my conclusions are foregone illusions, and therefore confusions, they are still original to me!


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