Wagon! [a funny looking word]

Wanna be a wagon jumper? It is fun and easy to do. The next time a new diet is posted, just try it, just buy it, do not check it out! That wagon can be ridden until the fad runs itself out, or when everybody has jumped off. Get on the wagon when public opinion drives into town with a morality lesson that nobody needs. Safe you will feel  with your friends all about, till an open mind peels the rind and exposes the heart of the soul who is thriving off the generosity of those aboard, then you can sneak off the wagon like a rat slips a ship when it sails into port! Another wagon there will be to climb upon when election day draws near, when a public servant or neighbor or perhaps even you!, come under scrutiny for the things that they do, and another wagon will be filled with folk who go with the flow, never daring to research the line that drew them to the ride on the wagon!


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