Quiet rampages all through the house, all noise is snoring, even the dog. Twould not even matter if I heard a mouse, conditions are perfect to write in my blog! Over my shoulder there is noone to peer. telephones remain quiet, no ringing I hear,and it is time to write about all things I hear that well up from deep in my brain, no concern now but to print the refrain, that will purge my conciousness for the night, no need for me later to wake in a fright, from something left brewing in my thoughts overnight! The time seems fine now to put firmly on paper a situation I find abhorrent to say the least, and tonight is the night I will capture the beast! And render the thing down to the prehistoric bones that have haunted me since I found the crease; in time that released the thing, to haunt me I had thought till the end of my line! So, now to protect my progeny from the agony inherent to dealing with this creature that bends my mind to it’s will. Expose’ time is coming around as soon as I have napped. It has been a long day!


4 thoughts on “Shhhh……….!

  1. Hmmmm….in the hands of some people saying even: ‘It was night and I wrote’ can be really beautiful versified prose that will leave us clapping… šŸ™‚ Hey! I like 1) that your posts are usually short (though I always get to write long essays šŸ˜¦ Hee hee hee! 2) you write engagingly 3) that you don’t seem to care about what anyone will think of what you wrote…

    Maybe. Maybe not.

    Well done!

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  2. Hahahah good you need some sound sleep from what I gathered :p and I hope you rendered the beast tormenting your prehistoric bones to the core of your crease with slow kill in quiet rampages :p

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