In my mind

Loneliness and being alone are totally separate entities. I can be lonesome within a partying crowd, especially when things are really loud, cause then I would much rather flee to find  place to be alone; alone with my thoughts and memories of a time when responsibility pertained mostly to how I conducted my business personally, with no need to worry how my actions would affect so many people around me that I can not neglect. Being alone gives me time to reflect and consider without concern what I would like to do next, without concern for everyone I care for now who should be able to find their own way about this world and let me alone sometimes so I can worry about me; I posses the capability more so than they who need constant refreshing to know that care has not gone away. I am lonely only deep in my mind, and shall be until I find my alone time.     Smiles to all,I am not ready to crash, I am merely expressing my introspect so that the people I love and care about,know that I have a need most know nothing about!


5 thoughts on “In my mind

  1. You call it Alone. I like to say it “Space” :p. .And it’s natural and normal. I wish the ones who care for us could sense it somehow freed for some alone time / space is just for a peace of mind and no venom is there.

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  2. Totally agree with you on this. For past 2 weeks I have been off from people I would usually chat/talk with and it has brought a great energy and positivity in me. I guess, people make you stupid, no?
    I introspected and realize what I was missing, and how things around me should always have been.

    By the way, asking this out of blue; what is your favorite thing?

    Have a great day!

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    1. Thank you Kritika. My favorite thing depends on what I am doing at the time. If I work on my truck my favorite thing is the toolbox I inherited from my Father. right now my favorite thing is the keyboard in front of me! 😉

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