cannot wait till spring

I thought I would drown in a tub full of dreams till realization came over me; these ephemeral thoughts were meant to teach me of all peoples ability to contribute to what I am , and what I can be, no matter of the proximity, thoughts, thought about become a part of the entirety that really is me. Now if that is true, may I truly construe and postulate, that my thoughts and feelings somehow relate to the growing, or stunting, of other folks growth as much as theirs does mine? If that is all true does it mean that you, yours, me and mine, are changing the thoughts of the world sometimes? All we really need to do is pass ideas, rights and wrongs,to each other across the internet, until enough time passes that the common thought of simple folk like us could possibly bring to humankind a kind of new human spring?


2 thoughts on “cannot wait till spring

  1. Human Spring ❤
    Connections can be powerful especially the invisible ones, like the one we have right here ^_^ just need to gather up lots of positive rightful energy and we can perhaps somehow save the world from doom or at-least keep trying..hmm. Ok, I'm rambling, I shall blame the time on the clock for such random thoughts.

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