One year and three seasons…..

Lord protect the ignorant, for they know not what they do.If they lost the posts they have been elected to, we would be forced to care for them as well as the drunken fool who steps into something new, and tries to walk onto the congressional floor without wiping off his shoe.And all the sheep in the herd who voted and elected the wolves all dressed in wool, will need someones help before the representatives who fill the house start ordering the lamb stew. An act o congress then it would take, to keep the reps in check. Likely the order would change to chops, and all the sheep would lose their first born to pay down the government appetite. At last when all is over, Lord, I have one more prayer to ask. May the president-elect posses the inalienable right to declare himself an alien!   [To all of us, May we get through the two year election process not disliking the many politicians who will screw up our television watching, while taking our minds off the truly important happenings in the world!


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