Jones’in is what we used to call, bumming a smoke when be’in broke. “Hey man” you’d call after catching a friend lighting up at the mall,”I’m just on the way to get smokes” you might say”Can I bum one from You? A light too, yeah thanks, I walked out with the habit, not even with matches, thanks man I will catch up with you.” Jones’in when you’d stop at a party ’cause you thought you had seen a car, that belonged to someone like the friend of a friend; an excuse to get in the door. Just pop in and look around, grab a free beer and a smoke and then wander away while you could do it on your own. Jones’in when you know that you’re the third wheel, wander a bit say “hi” and stuff, then leave before anyone mentioned, ” seen Bill around?” “yeah I think he just left” “what was he doin’?'” just Jones’in”


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