The river and the filter

Starting from the beginning of life and remembering through the looking ahead to mothers breast at a certain time, and daddy came home in time to dine, and the postman stopped each day at three, and he and mom…, About when thinking brought new meaning as to how life would or could progress. Life was but a trickling stream filled with new knowledge every day, and ran away down the hill fast, till widening and slowing of the stream of life, caused the filling of mind to recognize past. So take all that and project things forward, the learning becomes a bit more toward, and if care is not taken the belief can be, why is every one doing things differently, my way is best as far as I can see, but unfortunately discovered years down the road, should have kept my thoughts silent as experience caused me to realize the pace of my world had slowed down and sped up, the thoughts back then were the thoughts of a pup. The river doubled in width and still flowed strong, more information to process and time began to grow long, Though with the bit of extra time, social priorities came to mind and the ability to see through other folks eyes, began to be a priority, because inside a worthwhile mind, demands rain down on the stream of consciousness and force the active mind to see individuality as the truest form of communality!


2 thoughts on “The river and the filter

  1. My God! yeah the filter is what’s needed and I hate this word :3 Why cant we be the same and yeah if we want to be the meddlesome-bodies will throw back the words which were supose to be silent.. πŸ˜›
    Nicee Will πŸ™‚

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