I should be sleeping now

Tonight I think it behooves[just love that word]me to write on a subject that deserves to be behooved. In circumspect situations[love that word circumspect] the wise would probably use some retrospection to enable them to avoid introspection of the subjects that are indeed circumspect. Information obtained could lead, indeed , to the reformation of the circumspect situations, thusly leading directly to a resolution that dictates the absolution of said situation! That being said formally, the activities normally attributed to situational retrospect can now be dispensed with informally. So clearly it behooves the introspective individuals following me like criminals to reassess the loyalty thusly shown, and attribute the nightmare reading of a horrendous post, to circumspect conditions previously thought to be unknown.


11 thoughts on “I should be sleeping now

  1. William why are you writing in riddles lol it was my thing πŸ˜› but no matter how much times I have tried to fathom your fancy with introspection to retrospection to circumspect ..Still I am all blank πŸ˜› #whyOnEarth πŸ˜›

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