What do I know of darkness? My life normally consists of shades of grey, ranging from a few very dark hues to the brightness of a summer day. What do I know of darkness? The kind of dark when the eyes cannot see, and the spark of life is dim and cold. What do I know of darkness? When feelings are moot against the sunless sky, And the babies cry for mothers blindly groping in the inky blackness, hoping for one bright ray to lead them to their child. Yea, what do I know of darkness? When the junkie pops that needle in just hoping to soar way high again, but falls onto the cold, cold earth; the smile gone, with unseeing eyes, not able even to wish to get well, and if he does revive to his personal hell, through the gloom he can only see, the next ride to insanity, so what do I know of darkness? Do I posses the right to write of something I have never seen? Dark shadows indeed, permeate all lives, but for most it seems at least some vagrant spark or beam can lighten the absolute night, and enable an alternate route, perhaps some way out.What DO I know of darkness? I believe that to know the darkness, I must see the light, Thus I can know and write, so long as I carry my torch very high and very bright.


8 thoughts on “Torch

  1. Always the light against the dark or vice-versa and I guess we all have our depths of darkness and it takes a lot to look beyond our own and understand how bleak it may be for others.
    Profound piece this was! Thanks Will šŸ™‚
    P.S (my Tuesday sucked even more than Monday, just pulled over 12 plus hours at work Sigh)

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  2. The idea of light versus darknesss is fascinatiing, and is generally taken to mean the battle between good and evil, from what I’ve read. I read a series of fantasy novels some years ago by Janny Wurtz, entitled Wars of Light and Shadow. But I digress … This was powerful writing, William, and definitely thought-provoking. How individuals respond to either is a personal thing.

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  3. Darkness and light are, I believe, very personal, and so emotional responses are non-transferrable, if that makes sense. At anyone time how you feel is surely the most important thing.
    Anyway, it makes sense to me! A thought provoking piece.

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