Do you Know who likes to get picked on ? Ice. It just cracks up! Bullies? Shove on a ladder. It will just fall all over itself! Critics shooting blanks?; Tell them to come back with a loaded gun! Ignorance mixed with Icecream? Put it back of the freezer! Politicians running on a corporate load? Make them wait till the popular vote! Please do not come to me with promises built of the shit that makes “bureaucracy run”. Prove to us the plan is such that it could stand on it’s own. Selling me a good used car? Tell me why it is good! If you do not know, go home and sell something you know about! I like snow as well as any, but a snow job I can’t abide. Put it in the freezer with the ignorance and icecream! Give me a statesman without a personal agenda, and I will show you the next political hero! Election time is here again; I cannot wait for it to begin! I love to see how the charlatans and the sheep, and the party agendas with the racers clash, till finally I get a chance to see, who is left [or right] and still has the money to pull off a national victory!


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