Tone it down

Traveling back  in time I know saved my life  tomorrow. When I got back the Stones cut a new track, and sang about my Journey. But Alice asked if they could delay until someone spoke with his Cooper. Do not Rush things along till you know  Time after Time else Elvis will come back and sue ya. Lauper I think might take a drink and let Uncle Cracker catch his breath, but taking the Guess might lead you to Mega Death. Then the REO you drove to the show is not the Speed Wagon you needed, to get to Kansas. SO Leaving on a jet plane, with John there to guide you, could get you to Denver really quickly.(ten years ago) But lacking the time, and keeping the rhyme, Take the famous Midnight Train to Georgia. (remember jump off in Wichita, Lineman will be there to catch you.)Do not get offtrack out on the flat, send a note ahead so the Grateful Dead can find you! when they do be sure you got some Bread, Cause the Prince can’t eat without it. Do you remember Lauralie, the Blondie wearing Blue suede shoes in the locker room with the Lettermen?She found her Voice in the Pink room wear she had left it, and used in her Rapture.  No more Monkee ing around I am getting off the bus Gus, before the Idol gets me!   More swing news next time we play Turn that crap Down!


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