Elephant [Love that word} Elephant

Don’t we all just love to play with words? autonomous, blatant. elephant. An autonomous elephant blatantly charged the Jeep. crash, prisoner, night. That night the prisoner crashed the gate. Those sentences never crossed my mind until I saw those words. Temptation, rock, justifiable. The temptation to throw that rock might be justifiable if it was thrown at the elephant in order to allow the prisoner the autonomy to blatantly attempt escape in the jeep he crashed that night! Now let us review our sentence. We have used our words, or the base forms of them, [poetic license] and we have a fairly long sentence that kind of makes sense to the elephant, and the prisoner.( Though the elephant got angry, but should not have because the prisoner missed him with the rock,but that is elephant attitude for you.) The prisoner got caught cause he blatantly crashed the Jeep that night and justifiably the temptation to autonomously return to prison (sans Jeep)[ because remember the elephant was still angry]. (That is elephant for you) probably saved his life that night! Now there are plenty of words to post, so we push the “publish” icon, and someone will read it! I think.


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