Let us get REAL

Reality. What is reality. Is reality the same for every place? Is reality the same in any given time? Is reality something we can hold? Does reality float in the air and mist little droplets all through the air, so that reality is the same everywhere? Can I cash a reality check anywhere? All right, let us get real. Reality happens when a parent steals some meat to feed his hungry children. Reality works when someone builds a church. Reality fails when society fails,and leaves a poor sucker caught in a lurch. Reality soars when people prevail. Reality sucks when humanity fails!


6 thoughts on “Let us get REAL

    1. I do not know how to privately contact you, so I will tell you now what I meant to say, Simply, as far as society has it”s say, You take the lead and set the standards! You have what it takes! πŸ™‚


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